St Lucia Weather Map

  • St Lucia is one of the islands in the eastern Caribbean. To have a great vacation there takes planning & preparation. Part of the planning involves checking the weather. Hurricane season for the Caribbean is considered June 1st though end of November, with the peak months being August, September and October. Here you will find a few resources that will take the worry out of this part of your planning.


  • Here is the current weather forecast for St. Lucia:

    St Lucia


  • Links to detailed earthquake and climatology data: – Historical Analysis and tracking of more than 1400 storms
    Caribbean Hurricane Network – First hand reports from various islands – Detailed Climatology information

  1. Karla Reply

    I am visiting the Caribbean soon and am doing a couple of days in St Lucia so thanks for the advice as to what to do and see

    • Coolmon Reply

      @Karla – I hope your trip goes well and thanks for your comments :)

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